How to make a website for my Hiking Friends from DaJianShan?

I recently went on a hike at DaXiaoJian Mountain 大小劍山 = 大劍山 + 志佳山 + 小劍山 = 3 百岳 Top100 mountains. Hard trip ! 15 hours the 2nd day up and down and up and down… => will be detailed in another post.

And many fellow hikers asked me how to DIY build a website. DIY website is much much much cheaper than hiring a website design company !


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FAQ Which Equipment for hiking Snow Mountain Taiwan?

FAQ Which Equipment for hiking Xueshan in Taiwan?

Equipment is very important. It can make your hike like hell or like paradise.

UV protection

Over 3000 m altitude, the Sun is burning the skin so we recommend UV protection clothes.  long pants + long sleeves + neck scarf + sunscreen 50 UV protection + sunglasses + large hat.

Even if it is cloudy, you still get sunburnt !

Cold protection Equipment

Over 3000 m altitude, temperature reaches Read more

Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail Hualien Taiwan

Hiking- River tracing in Hualien what to do in few days?

FAQ I’m going to Hualien, what should I do?

Hualien is a good choice and a very touristic destination in Taiwan. There are so many things to do with hiking trails in Taroko gorges and famous river tracing like Golden Grotto.

Most of the hiking trails will require 2 permits to protect you. Permits must be asked online minimum 8 days before !

Taroko Xincheng Train Station Hualien county Taiwan
Taroko Xincheng Train Station Hualien county Taiwan

To go to Taroko gorges, the train station is Xincheng not Hualien ! At Xincheng, catch a bus (not convenient, every 2 hours…), catch a taxi or Read more

No Permit Hiking Xueshan Taiwan ?

Can I enter Snow Mountain Park without permit ?

UPDATED Oct 2017. For Snow Mountain, you can enter from the South trail and nobody will check your permit but it’s much more difficult physically ! The trail is not well maintained, some sections are very steep and rocky, and you’ll meet very few people ! and you must bring your tent !

DIY apply permit for mountain National Park Taiwan CLICK HERE !

Map Snow Mountain North South Trailhead Hiking Taiwan Club
Map Snow Mountain North South Trailheads Hiking Taiwan Club

Moreover if you want to sleep in the cabin you can be controlled at the 369 hut (SanLiuJiu Cabin) and you are 90% sure to be Read more

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Qilai Mountain Main Peak Taiwan

DIY How to go to Qilai Mountain Trailhead 奇萊山 in Taiwan ?

Qilai Mountain trailhead is in the same area as Hehuanshan 合歡山 on the road 14 甲 between the popular Qingcing Farm 清境農場 and Lishan village  梨山


Qilai mountain bus schedule
Qilai mountain bus schedule

There is only ONE BUS everyday 09:10 am from FengYuan via Puli – Wushe – Qingcing to Lishan

[and another one on the opposite direction from Lishan 08:00 am, DaYuLing 09:00, 松雪樓 09:30, Wushe 10:00, Puli 11:00, faster on way back ! ]

Puli Bus stop 76 崎下站 at around 11 am

Wushe Bus stop 77 at around 12:00 pm

Qingcing Bus stop 78 at around 12:30 pm

GET OFF -STOP at Bus stop 81 松雪樓 at around 13:30 pm

DaYuLing Bus stop 82 at around 14:00 pm

Lishan Bus stop 83 at around 15:00 pm

Real Time position of Bus 6506 CLICK HERE


So, you have to go to FengYuan or Puli or Wushe or Qingcing Farm or Lishan at first :

Schedule of Taipei – FengYuan by train 台北市-豐原 火車 時刻表 Read more