Kayaking in Taipei Taiwan Canoeing, where ?

Kayak in Taipei Jinshan 2 candlesticks

Thanks to Jim who introduced many hikers to practice Kayaking in Taipei on the rivers (flat or white water kayak) and on the sea (waves are impressing but it’s really fun when you know how to surf with your Kayak !)

You can contact Jim by Line App, check point 8 below


List of Kayaking clubs, associations, schools in Taiwan Taipei :

Kayaking is not very popular among taiwanese activities and it’s difficult for foreigners to find where to do kayaking in Taipei 


There is no order in the following list of clubs, associations, schools :

IF a link is broken or info has changed THEN please let us know with the comment section below. Thank you !

  1. North Taipei
    1. Where : Tamshui river, Bali to Guandu area
    2. Description : 6 persons minimum, 30 kayakers maximum, 3 hours 30, meeting at the cafe and trip to Guandu about 7 km. Coach is obligatory, you can not go kayaking alone. Make appointment by phone before because time of kayak activity is according to the sea tide (the sea impacts the currents in Tamshui river)
    3. Price : 800 NT each person
    4. Contact : Coach Lee 李 speaks only Chinese
    5. Map : https://goo.gl/maps/gt9YyRoJNCs
  2. NorthEast Taipei
    1. Where : Seaside of Ruifang 瑞芳, between Taipei and Keelung
    2. Description : TKA Taiwan Kayak Association, they keep your kayak or rent kayak, sea is 10 min walk away. From Taipei take train TRA to Ruifang station then walk 30 min to the seaside
    3. Price : 1 year membership 2000 NT then 800 NT/day for kayak rental, other prices for weekly courses and monthly activities outings
    4. Contact : 台灣獨木舟推廣協會 Taiwan Kayak Association     https://www.facebook.com/kayak.tw
    5. Map : https://goo.gl/maps/pMVKgLNVCwH2
  3. NorthEast Taipei
    1. Where : Fulong beach, Kayak on the flat river not on the sea
    2. Description : Group of minimum 8 people, Kayak trip of 3-4 hours, no rental, coach is compulsory
    3. Price : about 1200 NT each
    4. Contact : 02-24991147、0937-099486 speaks only Chinese
    5. Map : https://goo.gl/maps/VCG5z66GPFD2
  4. South Taipei
    1. Where : Pinglin
    2. Description :
    3. Price :
    4. Contact :  Cloud9 agency  0919-253290(金剛 King Kong) speaks English.  EMAIL: INFO@CLOUD9.COM.TW     http://www.cloud9.com.tw/
    5. Map : area of Pinglin https://goo.gl/maps/yShEQgwNXBp
  5. North Taipei
    1. Where : Jinshan seaside
    2. Description : Group of minimum 8 people, Kayak trip of 3 hours, no rental, coach is compulsory. From Taipei take train TRA to Fulong station 福隆 then walk 30 min to the seaside
    3. Price : about 1800 NT each
    4. Contact : http://www.taiwankayak.com  Coach speaks only Chinese
    5. Map : https://goo.gl/maps/prMdg6vzsK62
  6. West Taipei
    1. Where : Breeze canal, 17 min walk from Luzhou MRT Orange line
    2. Description :
    3. Price :
    4. Contact :
    5. Map : https://goo.gl/maps/RctKHzq9qTx
  7. East Taipei
    1. Where : Yilan
    2. Description : to be updated
    3. Price : to be updated
    4. Contact : to be updated
    5. Map : https://goo.gl/maps/XodGoLSGd3G2
  8. All Taipei
    1. Where : to discuss with Jim
    2. Description : Kayaking in Taipei with Coach Jim who provides all equipment and transportation and lessons !  https://hikingtaiwan.club/kayak-activities-taiwan-with-jim/
    3. Price : depends on what you want, 50 to 100 USD
    4. Contact : Install LINE App and add ID HikingTaiwan , send a message precising it’s for Kayak Coach Jim, Coach speaks English French
    5. Map : Taipei area


Always wear a LifeJacket and communicate with the coach !

Kayaking in Taipei Fulong
Kayak in Taipei Fulong


Buy your own insurance in your country if it is cheaper or buy it at Taoyuan Airport Departure Hall for 4 USD/day

Then you are Ready to go Kayaking in Taipei !!!


You have questions ? Contact us on LINE App ! ID HikingTaiwan

Scan this QR Code with LINE App to contact Hiking Taiwan Club
Scan this QR Code with LINE App to contact Hiking Taiwan Club

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