BEST one day Hikes around Taipei

BEST One Day Hikes near Taipei

Times indicated are for FIT HIKERS 😉 and do not include transportation time to reach the trailhead.

You can do these Taipei hikes Solo and organize by yourself with Google Maps.

Always take a HEADLAMP and WATER more than 2 liters !

Highly recommend to wear LONG pants, LONG sleeves, and repellent.

Pay attention to nests of hornets or wasps, they are noisy and easy to spot with ears…

Do not be afraid of  but still pay attention of where you put your hands, your feet and your head ! some snakes are in the trees !

  •  1. Cross Yangmingshan East to West (very challenging) :

26 km, 12 hours, trailhead starts here

trail finishes here   or here

  •  2. Stegosaurus ridge = 劍龍稜 Jianlongling near Jiufen + Teapot mountain (very challenging, NO SOLO)

4 hours, DO NOT do it SOLO because many accidents happened there and nobody will find your body before few days. Sometimes, wasps and hornets are also on the trail. Wear helmet, gloves and carry 2-3 liters of water + headlamp.

Trailhead starts here

but you enter LEGALLY here

Trail finishes here

  • 3. Huangdidian in Pingxi (challenging) :

6 hours, the real Huangdidian is the long section even if many people turn back at the East peak

Trailhead starts here

Trail finishes here

  • 4. Hiking Wuliaojian in Sanxia (challenging) :

loop of 5 hours, AVOID to do it SOLO, your body can disappear in a hole behind a cliff and nobody will find you. Bring gloves as there are many ropes.

Trailhead starts here

Trail finishes here

  • 5. Hiking Sandiaoling waterfalls trail (easy) :

4 hours for the big loop, else 2 hours for the waterfalls only

Trailhead starts here

Trail finishes here

  • 6. Many trails in Pingxi with bus 795

The most famous Xiaozishan Trail : Son, Mum and Father peaks, 3 little peaks in very close area then push to Central peak

Trailhead starts here

Trail finishes here

Another famous one  Shulang peak 薯榔尖登山步道 (challenging)

  • 7. Hiking Trails in Maokong

Zhangshu Trail :

Trailhead starts here

Trail finishes here

Yinhe Cave (easy)

between Hsindian and Maokong

  • 8. Trails in Shiding (challenging)

From Shiding to Bijia peak to Maokong Zhinan Temple, long trail, minimum 6 hours, it’s nearly flat after Bijia peak and very steep with ropes at the end. Do not be afraid of the dogs at the end, take a stick to frighten them.

Trailhead starts here

Trail crosses here

Trail finishes here

  • 9. Hiking Trails in Neihu (easy)

Trailhead starts here

Trail crosses here at the very long Baishihu Suspension Bridge

Trail finishes here at Yuanjue Falls

  • 10. Hiking Trails in Beitou (easy)

Battleship rock

Trailhead starts here at Qilian MRT

Trail finishes here at Thermal Valley

  • 11. Hiking Trails in Tamshui (intermediate)

Trailhead starts here at Wuji Tianyuan Temple, it’s a bit steep

Trail finishes here at Xiangtian pond

then add one hour to go back to the city.

  • 12. Hiking Trails in Yangmingshan (easy)

Beware of the Buffalos, they do not like Selfies…

  • 13. Hiking Trails near Taipei 101

Elephant mountain belongs to the 4 Beasts Mountains

Beautiful views of the city with Taipei 101 building !

The long section of 4 hours goes from Elephant mountain to China University of Science and Technology in Nangang

  • 14. Hiking trail to Yunsen waterfall in Sanxia

Beautiful waterfall

You start here with the bus 807

and you come back with the same trail.

Experienced hikers can continue to join the Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area

But due to some accidents that people disappeared in that area, we do not recommend if you are not experienced in hiking orientation.

  • Taipei Hiking trails without permit !

You do not need  National Park Permit 不需要陽明山國家公園生態保護區入園許可證

You do not need Police Permit 不需要入山許可證

Take care of wasps and poisonous snakes during spring, summer, autumn seasons

Buy your own insurance in your country


  • Hiking guide around Taipei ?


You have questions or you need a guide ? Contact us on WhatsApp


Do you know the Baiyue 百岳 ?

Check Hiking Yushan in Taiwan 

Have a look at Hiking Xueshan in Taiwan

For strong hikers, check the challenging Hiking Qilai mountain in Taiwan

DIY Hiking Jade Mountain Tour

FAQ how to DIY Hiking Jade Mountain Tour in 2018 ?

Hiking Jade Mountain is an adventure ! To simplify and answer the numerous questions that we get on FB Hiking Taiwan Club facebook  here is the summary :

0- Itinerary for Hiking Jade Mountain:5 peaks

Day 1 Taipei to Tataka 4 hours by car or 8 hours + overnight by bus. FIRST NIGHT Sleep at Tataka

Day 2 Check permits then Go to trailhead + Climb Front Peak + West Peak then 2nd NIGHT sleep at Paiyun Lodge.

Continue reading “DIY Hiking Jade Mountain Tour”

FAQ When is Snow Season at Xueshan?

FAQ When is Snow Season at Xueshan Snow Mountain ?

Hiking Snow Mountain during Snow season is totally different !

To clarify, officially, Snow Season is  from January 1st to March 31st, the first 3 months of each year but  Continue reading “FAQ When is Snow Season at Xueshan?”

How to make a website for my Hiking Friends from DaJianShan?

I recently went on a hike at DaXiaoJian Mountain 大小劍山 = 大劍山 + 志佳山 + 小劍山 = 3 百岳 Top100 mountains. Hard trip ! 15 hours the 2nd day up and down and up and down… => will be detailed in another post.

And many fellow hikers asked me how to DIY build a website. DIY website is much much much cheaper than hiring a website design company !


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FAQ Which Equipment for hiking Jade or Snow Mountain Taiwan?

FAQ Which Equipment for hiking Xueshan in Taiwan?

Equipment is very important. It can make your hike like hell or like paradise 🙂

You probably come from : and asking about equipment :

FAQ : can I rent on site at trailhead ? ==> answer below

FAQ : where can I store my backpack? ==> answer below

FAQ : Which Equipment during Snow Season? ==> answer below

Equipment for UV protection

Over 3000 m altitude, the Sun is burning the skin so we recommend UV protection clothes.  long pants + long sleeves + neck scarf + sunscreen 50 UV protection + sunglasses + large hat.

Even if it is cloudy, you still get sunburnt !

Cold protection Equipment

Over 3000 m altitude, temperature reaches Continue reading “FAQ Which Equipment for hiking Jade or Snow Mountain Taiwan?”

Hiking- River tracing in Hualien what to do in few days?

FAQ I’m going to Hualien, what should I do?

Hualien is a good choice and a very touristic destination in Taiwan. There are so many things to do with hiking trails in Taroko gorges and famous river tracing like Golden Grotto.

Most of the hiking trails will require 2 permits to protect you. Permits must be asked online minimum 8 days before !

Taroko Xincheng Train Station Hualien county Taiwan
Taroko Xincheng Train Station Hualien county Taiwan

To go to Taroko gorges, the train station is Xincheng not Hualien ! At Xincheng, catch a bus (not convenient, every 2 hours…), catch a taxi or Continue reading “Hiking- River tracing in Hualien what to do in few days?”

No Permit Hiking Xueshan Taiwan ?

Can I enter Snow Mountain Park without permit ?

UPDATED Oct 2017. For Snow Mountain, you can enter from the South trail and nobody will check your permit but it’s much more difficult physically ! The trail is not well maintained, some sections are very steep and rocky, and you’ll meet very few people ! and you must bring your tent !

DIY apply permit for mountain National Park Taiwan CLICK HERE !

Map Snow Mountain North South Trailhead Hiking Taiwan Club
Map Snow Mountain North South Trailheads Hiking Taiwan Club

Moreover if you want to sleep in the cabin you can be controlled at the 369 hut (SanLiuJiu Cabin) and you are 90% sure to be Continue reading “No Permit Hiking Xueshan Taiwan ?”