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Hiking Baiyue 百岳 and River Tracing is our hobby !
We are VOLUNTEERS to help you go and climb Xueshan but we are also BUSY with our jobs & families & often on the mountain trails :-))
You can also join us in our activities.
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Qilai Mountain Main Peak Taiwan

DIY How to go to Qilai Mountain Trailhead 奇萊山 in Taiwan ?

Qilai Mountain trailhead is in the same area as Hehuanshan 合歡山 on the road 14 甲 between the popular Qingcing Farm 清境農場 and Lishan village  梨山


Qilai mountain bus schedule
Qilai mountain bus schedule

There is only ONE BUS everyday 09:10 am from FengYuan via Puli – Wushe – Qingcing to Lishan

[and another one on the opposite direction from Lishan 08:00 am, DaYuLing 09:00, 松雪樓 09:30, Wushe 10:00, Puli 11:00, faster on way back ! ]

Puli Bus stop 76 崎下站 at around 11 am

Wushe Bus stop 77 at around 12:00 pm

Qingcing Bus stop 78 at around 12:30 pm

GET OFF -STOP at Bus stop 81 松雪樓 at around 13:30 pm

DaYuLing Bus stop 82 at around 14:00 pm

Lishan Bus stop 83 at around 15:00 pm

Real Time position of Bus 6506 CLICK HERE


So, you have to go to FengYuan or Puli or Wushe or Qingcing Farm or Lishan at first :

Schedule of Taipei – FengYuan by train 台北市-豐原 火車 時刻表 Read more

Kayak in Taipei Jinshan 2 candlesticks

Kayaking in Taipei Taiwan Canoeing, where ?

Thanks to Jim who introduced many hikers to practice Kayaking in Taipei on the rivers (flat or white water kayak) and on the sea (waves are impressing but it’s really fun when you know how to surf with your Kayak !)

You can contact Jim by Line App, check point 8 below


List of Kayaking clubs, associations, schools in Taiwan Taipei :

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Buy cooked meal at Snow Mountain 369 cabin and Qika Hut

How to get meal+sleeping bag at Snow Mountain Xueshan 雪山 Taiwan ?

You come from the page DIY How to go hiking Snow Mountain Xueshan 雪山 in Taiwan ?  (Open link in a new tab)

Do you want to save weight in your backpack ? Then you don’t take your gas stove, gas bottles, cooking stuff, heavy food and your bulky sleeping bag ! The Aboriginal people carry all of these and moreover cook for you at 369 cabin and Qika cabin !

Here is the Deal to get FOOD at 369 Cabin (at Qika cabin also possible) in Snow Mountain Xueshan :

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HTC Trailhead Hut Permit Control Hiking Snow Mountain Club

DIY How to go hiking Snow Mountain Xueshan 雪山 in Taiwan 2018?

DIY Hiking Snow Mountain in Taiwan ! Update Dec 2017

It’s not very difficult to go Hiking Snow Mountain but you have to wake up very early to grab a parking space at the trailhead !

From Taipei, it takes more than 3 hours by car to join Wuling Farm then 20 min to arrive at the trailhead.

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Hiking Yushan in Taiwan 爬玉山台灣

DIY Climb Jade Mountain / Snow Mountain !

How can we help you climb Jade Mountain Yushan ?

Updated 14 Oct 2017

Notice : Jade Mountain = Yushan 玉山  and Snow Mountain = Xueshan 雪山

You want to go to Jade Mountain or Snow Mountain at the cheapest price ?

Here below you can learn about how to DIY Apply permits for Jade Mountain or Snow Mountain. 

Also read this updated Oct 2017 article : https://hikingtaiwan.club/2017/07/hiking-xueshan-without-permit/

Page specifically for DIY Snow Mountain Xueshan Click here  (Open link in a new tab)


If we have time, we also offer you 3 options for your DIY Hiking trip, or you choose "A la carte", you decide what you only need, see below.

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